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Robert Emenegger:
The ad executive who changed motorcycling

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Story Synopsis & Highlights:

In the 1950's America motorcycle riders were viewed either as a small subculture of wrench-twisting riding enthusiasts, at best; or outlaw bikers, at worst. In the face of all that, in 1959 Honda began selling their well - built, dependable motorcycles, giving the Cub 50 flagship status. Parents weren't afraid to buy their teenagers a Honda, and indeed, many of the the husbands rode Hondas to the office and the wives rode them to the bridge club. Many a newspaper during the '60s were delivered by 'paperboys' on Honda Sport 50s.

Below this article are links to not only some great vintage Honda commercials but also some period Harley ads, and other unique items too.

Classic Motorcycle Commercials


Malcom Smith - Preacher gets a Honda

John Travolta on a Honda

Honda - You meet the nicest people...

Collection of '60s Honda Commercials

Another Collection of '60s Honda Commercials

Harley Commercial - AMF Years

Harley Commercial - H-D on road-off road bikes

Vintage Harley Promotional Film

Kawasaki Commercials - Not too vintage, but great!!

Suzuki Dual Sport Commercial

Honda - Impossible Dream II

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