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Ozarks Road Descriptions - Northeastern Arkansas Region

These red shaded routes are the roads I have enjoyed over the years. Most any of the roads, even the ones not shaded, are sure to be great roads and you'll love them. But the ones indicated are the ones that I and other riders have found; exciting to ride... scenic to be on... and the most fun to experience. If you're looking for Arkansas motorcycle road guide, these roads are waiting for you. Above all, have fun!!!!

I just hope my local riding buddies don't gang up on me for giving away these gems.

Arkansas Highway 14

Ark. 14 is a wonderful highway, running through rural farm and wood lands, passing through primarily small-town Ozarks. The entire length of highway 14 is a nice ride. If you are coming from Branson, Mo., it would be a good choice for heading southeast into the region. The 67 mile stretch from U.S. 62 south to the community of Harriet offers a great combination of winding, twisty roads through very nice scenery. It crosses the Buffalo River south of Yellville, a nice place to take a break. Yellville is a county seat town and is the home of the famous/infamous (take your pick) Turkey Trot, where live turkeys used to be dropped from airplanes to crowds waiting below. Contrary to what a national tabloid reported, the turkeys did flutter down and landed alive and safe, often evading the waiting captors.

Ark. 14 is fine, pleasurable ride through a varying Ozark country side. Somewhat challenging, but not too difficult for all levels of riders.

Arkansas Highway 9

Ark. 9 runs south from Mammoth Spring, site of the 10th largest spring in the world, almost the entire length of the state. But perhaps the best section of the road is from Melbourne almost 30 miles south to Mountain View, self proclaimed "Folk Music Capital of the World". This stretch is very twisty and serpentine as it runs under foliage overhangs, much like a tunnel of trees up into the mountains.

The stretch from US 412 to Mammoth Spring is very nice, too, though AND it's not a US highway, a big plus in my eyes. Mammoth Spring, the town, is the site of the 10th largest spring in the world. Both Hardy and Mammoth Spring/Thayer offer plenty of places to eat, sleep and sight-see. Hardy is particularly tourist oriented and features many shops and boutiques. The park at Mammoth Spring is a nice place to rest a while, plus, it has a lot of historic interest, too.

Like Ark. 5, highway 9 runs through a rural landscape as well as a portions of the Ozark National Forest. This highway takes you through some of the most unique, representative parts of the Ozarks.

Arkansas Highway 16 - Sweet 16 and Never Been Ridden... Much

This is perhaps the best little known highway in the Ozarks. Except for short sections which run concurrent with highways 23, 21 & 7, this road is familiar mostly only to local riders. This is really too bad because the 110 miles of Ark. 16 between Fayetteville and Clinton is a fun, twisty and scenic ride.

The reason Highway 16 overlooked is that it really doesn't take you any place. It basically runs along the backbone of the Ozarks. It follows a route full of curves and wonderful scenery. If you start out on the eastern end, in Fayetteville, have breakfast at the Rolling Pin Cafe (at the intersection of highways 16 and 265). Head west, hang on and enjoy the ride. Most of the time traffic will be light and you'll have a great time discovering this fantastic road. Many visiting riders will not know to make this wonderful ride. That's their loss.

Arkansas 5

Ark. 5 runs from the Ark-Mo border through Mountain Home to such colorful places as Norfork, Calico Rock and Mountain View. It plays tag with the White River, once a Super highway of commerce in days gone by.

Ark. 5 runs through the mountains of the eastern Ozarks, a more rural part of the region. The road is winding and scenic and takes you to some unique and interesting places in the Ozarks. Plan on spending some time poking around the little towns mentioned earlier.

Arkansas 341 - Push Mountain Run

Ark. 341 runs north from Ark. 14, near Big Flat, to Norfork, an old river town located at the confluence of the White River and the North Fork of the White River. The road runs mostly through the Ozark National Forest. It's winding and very scenic with little traffic but the local variety. It's fun and exciting, and Norfork is a interesting little historic town, famous now as a trout fishing destination, but once important in the settlement of the Ozarks.

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