Arkansas Highway 123
A Cinderella of a road if ever there was one.
More photos coming soon.

Photos by David Bell

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Riders on AR 123 AR 123 is known mostly to local riders (and Big Piney canoeists) and savey visitors. It is a road that captures the essense of the Ozarks, and Ozarks' riding... especially if you're on an ADV bike or dual sport.
Rider on AR 123 Some folks have called AR 123 the "Arkansas's Dragon"... but I think that's a demotion for 123.
Rider on AR 123 This is one of my favorite pictures of a rider in the Ozarks, in that it captures the graceful and serpentine nature of Ozarks riding. And it captures the natural beauty of the region that's laid across it like a blanket.
Rider on AR 123 Wait... this captures the natural beauty of the Ozarks. Well, so does the previous one, too. In this picture on the 123 ridges above Mt. Judea you see how the Ozarks were formed eons ago... by the wearing down of the relatively flat bottoms (now the mountain tops) of an ancient inland sea. It's water and wind erosion that have carved the valleys and rugged, twisty ridges that most the the highways follow, and riders love.
Rider on AR 123 "On the way down AR 123 a riders gives a friendly wave to the photographer.
Riders on AR 123 The Diavel made me do it..." At least that's what Matt told the popo in Washington State back in '17 when his Ducati got stopped for topping out the speed limit (I was far behind and just breezed lazily on by.) Here, though, he takes a tight curve on AR 123 and gets away with being just a tad over the posted limit. (Sorry buddy. You weren't responsible)
AR 123 bridge over Big Piney One lane bridge taking AR 123 traffic across Big Piney, a great white water river, though this stretch appears quite docile.
Rider crossing  the AR 123 bridge across Big Piney A rider on his Triumph takes his turn crossing the AR 123 one-lane across the Big Piney.
Hankins Country Store, the trifecta of three great roads Hankins Country Store, at the trifecta of three great roads... AR 123, AR 16 and AR 7. It doesn't get any better than this. (Store is currently closed, but hopefully will reopen soon). It's still a great rendezvous or rally location.
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