Arkansas's Scenic Highway 7
Renowned for its winding pavement and gorgeous scenery.

Photos by David Bell

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Heading sout out of Harrison This group of riders has just turned off AR 206 south of Harrison, headed even further south on AR 7. They are in for a great time!
Suzuki GXR rider on AR 7 AR 7 is a natural for sportbike riders like this guy on a Yamaha. Places on AR Scenic 7 are as good as it get for sportbikes.
Pruitt Bridge on AR 7 Aerial photograph of a doomed landmark on AR 7... the Pruitt Bridge. See this classic structure just north of Jasper while you can. "Frown and tear" emoji.
Suzuki GXR rider on AR 7 Riders crossing Pruitt Bridge. See this landmark structure while you can.
Pruitt Bridge on AR 7 A historic landmark on AR 7 is the handsome Pruitt Bridge, which has ushered travelers across the Buffalo River since it was finished in 1931.
Suzuki GXR rider on AR 7 The Buffalo River is a scenic natural feature of the Ozarks that was deemed important enough that in the 1960s it was named the first National River by Congress. It was slated to be flooded through the creation of a dam, but was saved when it was put under the governance of the National Park Service.
Pruitt Bridge on AR 7 The Buffalo River is drop-dead gorgeous in the Autumn.
Pruitt Bridge on AR 7 Folks enjoying the Buffalo River at Pruit; some relaxing on the bank while others lazily float along in a canoe.
Sportbike rider on AR7 Riders gathers at one of Jaspers restaurants.
Blue Mountain Bakery in Jasper Southwest corner of the Jasper Square in AR 7. One of Jasper's great cafe and bakery restaurant, the Blue Mountain Bakery.
The Jasper Square, in the Heart of the Ozarks Riders love the little mountain town of Jasper... situated in the Heart of the Ozarks.
Scenic Point, south of Jasper on AR 7 South of Jasper, on AR 7, is a place to have a fantastic view of the Arkansas Grand Canyon, Scenic Point. It's quite a bit smaller, much more lush, but still a spectacular stop for riders.
Riders enjoy the view at Scenic Point Scenic Point, south of Jasper on AR 7, is a wonderful place to stop and rest a bit, like these two riders, enjoying the scenic view.
Hankins Store at Pelsor Even though it's now closed - we're praying for new owners to reopen it... soon - the old Hankins General store at Pelsor is a great rendezvous location. It's at the trifecta of three great Ozarks roads - AR 7, AR 16, and AR 16.
AR 7 from the air AR 7 from the air shows all its glory.
Riders on AR 7 in Autumn Riders out for an Autumn ride on AR Scenic 7.
Rotary Ann Park on AR 7 Regardless of the time of year the first roadside park in Arkansas - Rotary Ann Park - offers a gorgeous view on AR Scenic 7.
Veterans Memorial in Harrison On the grounds of the Boone County Courthouse Square is the memorial honoring the Veterans of America's wars.
Rider taking curve on AR 7 A rider cruising down a winding portion of AR 7.
Jasper at dusk. The gem of the Ozarks, Jasper, shines brightly in the evening. But riders need to watch out for "Them deer and other critters" that like to roam around after the sun goes down.
Sunset on AR 7. The sunsets on AR 7 can be spectacular, depending on where you are along the scenic byway
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