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The Back Roads to the Pig Trail

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Ride Synopsis & Highlights:

ADV Riders like Bill Dragoo know that there's great backroad riding in the Ozarks and many have explored the vast areas between the twisting ribbons of pavement we all love. And between the asphalt borders of White Rock Mountain and Winfrey Valley area in the Ozarks National Forest is a vast playground for off road riders, mountain bikers and hikers This is what I call “The Backroads to the Pig Trail”. One of the best places to stay in this area, outside of camping in a primitive or established site, is the National Forest Service's White Rock Mountain Recreational Area's historic CCC/WPA-era cabins on a beautiful spite of land sticking out high above the forest. The cabins are operated by a concessionaire who lives on site in this gorgeous part of the Ozarks.

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